, July 24, 2014 | Posted in Scott Neal

This is Annie Coyle.  Until about ten days ago, Annie worked for the City as our Edina City Management Fellow.  Our CMF program brings in recent graduate school grads (or near grads) who are aspiring city managers and gives them …
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2014 Q2 Quarterly Business Meeting

, July 22, 2014 | Posted in Scott Neal

While City Council Members have many important tasks and responsibilities, one of the most critical, at least in my view, is their role in city government oversight and accountability.  We get our Council Members involved in organizational oversight and accountability …
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The Expressions of Lismore

, July 18, 2014 | Posted in Edina Liquor

By Dave Tomko, Assistant Manager of Edina Liquor — Southdale The whiskies of Lismore are considered Speyside, from Morayshire in the Highlands of Scotland. Most of the whisky from this region fall into one of two distinct flavor profiles. The …
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The Trail

, July 16, 2014 | Posted in Scott Neal

There’s always a little bit of risk in pointing to any one action from a previous night’s City Council meeting as the “biggest” or “best” thing the Council did that night.  First, it’s not always immediately apparent which one to pick.  …
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Support Our Troops

, July 11, 2014 | Posted in Edina Liquor

By Greg Keehr, Manager of Edina Liquor – Grandview I am proud to blog about this great fundraiser. I hope any and all of our customers and residents will help us in our efforts. Edina Liquor will be accepting items and …
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Annual Lobbying Report

, July 9, 2014 | Posted in Scott Neal

The State Auditor’s Office produces a report every year on the previous year’s spending on lobbying activities by local governments.  Cities, counties, school districts, townships and watershed districts must report their lobbying expenses to the State Auditor each year.  The …
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Summer at Edina Liquor

, July 3, 2014 | Posted in Edina Liquor

I am glad it’s finally July. In many ways, June was a month to forget. I think we are all sick of rain and weary of talking about it. The rain has affected many businesses this past month and Edina …
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Summer Rhythm

, June 30, 2014 | Posted in Scott Neal

I’ve been the city administrator of two college towns:  Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and Northfield, Minnesota.  They both had a distinctive seasonal rhythm.  In the fall, the local academia gave the city a burst of energy.  In winter, life was busy, …
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Play It Safe!

, June 26, 2014 | Posted in Edina Liquor

By Dave Taylor, Assistant Manager of Edina Liquor — Grandview With the 4th of July week looming, let’s make plans to have it be a joyous and memorable weekend by celebrating responsibly. It doesn’t take much to accomplish this. An easy …
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Fire Department Encourages Residents To ‘Adopt A Hydrant’

, June 23, 2014 | Posted in EFD Pulse Blog

During a fire, every second counts. That’s why the Edina Fire Department continues to encourage residents to “adopt a hydrant.” “There are more fire hydrants in Edina than we can take care of ourselves,” said Fire Marshal Jeff Siems of …
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