2016 - Vayda Residence


5201 Wooddale Avenue


Owners Doug & Patricia Vayda worked closely with Rehkamp Larson Architects to build upon the historic character found in this quaint 1935 Tudor home.

In order to preserve signature rooms - the entry, dining room, and vaulted living room - the addition was designed to sit back on the site, allowing the historic living room gable to keep its prominent position on the front façade.
Vayda Residence
The height of the eaves and profiles, sash size of the windows, style of the brick, interior trim profiles, door and arch styles, and plaster wall texture all remain untouched in the original areas of the house and are meticulously repeated throughout the new space.


New cabinetry inspired by existing details, custom wrought iron railings with a historic blackened finish and salvaged door hardware help to preserve the house’s integrity.

The overall sensitivity to scale, form, materials, and craftsmanship successfully created a seamless unified house with consistent period character, and elevated its overall size and function for modern living.