Emergency Notifications

A new notification system lets the City of Edina’s 911 dispatchers send out messages via email, text, landline, cellphones or social media within minutes. Those messages can notify people of major incidents and what action they should take, if any. All people need to do is sign up. The service is free.

Rave Alert, a program from Massachusetts-based Rave Mobile Safety, has replaced the City’s previous notification system called Code Red. Some people refer to these as “reverse 911” systems, because instead of you calling 911, the emergency workers notify you.

You can sign up for two types of notifications. 

Emergency Alert Notifications are sent when there is immediate threat to life and/or property in your monitored area. Examples:
  • Hazardous material spill
  • Evacuations
  • An alert on drinking water/contamination
  • Severe weather alerts
  • When you should shelter in place (armed suspect is running in the neighborhood, etc.)
  • Other public safety incidents
General Alert Notifications are sent for certain events that are NOT an immediate danger to life or property in your monitored area or as information. Examples: 
  • Missing Person 
  • Information on emergency drills or training
Notifications can be sent city-wide or to a certain geographic area. When you sign up, make sure to include the address for your home and/or office or those of relatives if you want those notifications.

Sign up now, or if you already have an account but would like to make changes, sign in here

If you are having problems signing up or would like further information about these notifications, contact Dispatch Supervisor Tony Martin at TMartin@EdinaMN.gov or 952-833-9523.

Example of Cellphone Alert

Example of a Rave Emergency Notification Alert