Meet the Fire Department Staff

  1. Dave Ehmiller

    Dave Ehmiller

    Fire Marshal
    Phone: 952-826-0330

  2. Pete Fisher

    Pete Fisher

    Operations Chief
    Phone: 952-826-0329

  3. Brian Hanrahan

    Brian Hanrahan

    Fire Inspector
    Phone: 952-826-0340

  4. Pete Knaeble

    Pete Knaeble

    Task Force Administrator

  1. Todd Porthan

    Todd Porthan

    Fire Lieutenant

  2. Ryan Quinn

    Ryan Quinn

    EMS Chief
    Phone: 952-826-0336

  3. Pat Sandon

    Pat Sandon

    Fire Captain

  4. Dave Schmitzer

    Dave Schmitzer

    Fire Captain

  1. Marie Segar

    Marie Segar

    Administrative Assistant

  2. Andrew Slama

    Andrew Slama

    Fire Chief
    Phone: 952-826-0332

  3. Scott Vadnais

    Scott Vadnais

    Fire Lieutenant
    Phone: 952-826-0330

  4. Shaun White

    Shaun White

    Training and Safety Chief
    Phone: 952-826-0328

  5. Brandon Winkel

    Brandon Winkel

    Fire Investigator
    Phone: 952-826-0335