Meet the Parks & Recreation Department Staff

  1. Janet Canton

    Janet Canton

    Administrative Coordinator

  2. Sabrina Clark

    Sabrina Clark

    Administrative Support Specialist

  3. Amanda Clarke

    Amanda Clarke

    Recreation Supervisor

  4. Rachel Finberg

    Rachel Finberg

    Park Planner

  5. Kersten McManamon

    Kersten McManamon

    Marketing Manager

  1. Tracy Petersen

    Tracy Petersen

    Assistant Director Recreation and Facilities

  2. Tom Swenson

    Tom Swenson

    Assistant Director - Parks and Natural Resources

  3. Michelle Tanner

    Michelle Tanner

    Social Media Specialist

  4. Perry Vetter

    Perry Vetter

    Parks & Recreation Director

  5. Rachael Walters

    Rachael Walters

    Recreation Supervisor