Green Facilities

Being Green can be good for the pocketbook!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

City facilities and operations use more than $1 million in energy every year! Recent accomplishments include:

  • Building retrofits – In October 2011, Edina entered into a Guaranteed  Energy Savings Contract with an energy consulting firm. Twelve of the  City’s largest buildings were audited and action was taken with respect  to building envelopes, water conversation and lighting retrofits. The  projects are projected to result in a reduction of over 540,000kWH and  19,600 therms of gas on an annual basis. First year measurements and verifications report.
  • Alternative energy – A photovoltaic solar panel system was installed  on the roof of City Hall in early 2012. The project, funded entirely  through grants and rebates, is expected to save $1,450 each year in  energy costs. You can review system energy production here.
  • The Public Works & Park Maintenance Facility, which opened in  2010, has a closed loop geothermal system with a minimum coefficient of  performance of 3.3.
  • Purchasing policy – Edina has a purchasing policy that requires environmental impact to be factor in purchasing decisions.
  • Recycling in the parks – Pound for pound, recycling is cheaper than  garbage service. Edina began a four-year plan in 2012 to add recycling  containers to City parks.
  • Native landscaping – Check out “no mow” native landscaping at the Public Works facility.