50th & France Parking Permits

The City owns and operates parking ramps on the Edina side of the 50th and France commercial area. Full- and part-time employees working on the Edina side of the commercial area may purchase parking permits to park in designated areas. Employees may not park in the ramps without a permit.

Daily, quarterly, overnight and annual permits are available each year.

Changes for 2021

No in-person sales or picking up of permits. Permits will not be available at City Hall.

Purchase online. All permits except premium will be sold only online.

Mail delivery. All permits, including premium, will be mailed a few days after purchase and confirmation.

Ramp locations (click for enlarged PDF)

Map showing locations of 50th & France parking ramps
Permit Type Parking Area For Cost
Regular Rooftop South

Levels 3 & 4 North
Full- and part-time
$120 annually or
$45 per quarter or
$10 10-pack daily
Rooftop Rooftop North Part-time employees $20 annually
Overnight Lower level North Business vehicles or
Nolan Mains tenants
$50 month or
$600 annually
Premium Lower level South

Levels 1 & 2 North
Full-time employees $300 annually

The parking areas described above are only general descriptions; see this guideline for details on where the permit allows parking. Prices listed in chart do not include tax.

Purchase 2021 Permits

If you encounter a problem with one of these forms, please email Communications Coordinator Debbie Townsend or call the City Hall front desk at 952-927-8861.

Purchase 2021 Premium Permits

A few premium permits remain available and will be sold first-come, first-served only by mail. 

How to get a Premium permit: 

  • Fill out the 2021 Premium Permit application (PDF) and print it.
  • Mail it and a check for the entire amount to the address on the form. 
  • Permits will be mailed within a few business days of receipt and confirmation of the application information.
  • Once premium permits are sold out, any unfilled applications will be rejected and the payment returned.

Replacement Permits - $10

  • If you lost your permit, got a new car, etc.
  • Must be for same type of permit and for same time period
  • Invalidates original permit

Order a Replacement Permit

Refunds & Exchanges

The City will no longer exchange one type of permit for another. Permit holders must park in the lot or ramp designated for their permit.

Refunds will be given only in the following circumstances:
  • Permit holder no longer employed by company. Verification from supervisor required.
  • Permit holder's employer is no longer at 50th & France. (City staff must confirm this before refund will be issued.)
If either of those circumstances apply, please call City Hall at 952-927-8861 or email Economic Development Manager Bill Neuendorf.