Race & Equity

Edina Police Officer visits with families in Edinborough area during Night to Unite 2019
Members of Edina's Race & Equity Task Force
Family at Open Streets on 50th event

The City of Edina is committed to being welcoming and inclusive to all who live, work and spend time in the city. To support and foster inclusivity, City staff members are dedicated to acknowledging, seeking out and celebrating the diversity of Edina community members and proactively working together to eliminate systemic and institutional barriers to ensure all people have the opportunity to thrive in Edina.

The City is fully aware that achieving racial equity transformation is a continuous process, through learning and growing from relevant historical and current day experiences and making connections to the desired future vision of Edina. Racial equity involves all community members and City staff to strive to act and make thoughtful, intentional and informed decisions that are fair and inclusive for all community members. 

Race & Equity Plan

The Race & Equity Plan is the foundational work the City of Edina uses to engage and deepen racial equity work for all and was developed in 2018. 

 The Race & Equity Plan has work-plan items or tasks that are distributed through all City departments and is focused on five themes:

  • Accountability and Data Collection
  • City Facilities & Services
  • Employee Training & Diversity
  • Development & Enforcement of Policies
  • Community Engagement & Communications

Follow Plan Progress

Race & Equity Plan Progress Portal: Learn how close to completion each goal of the plan is and read updates from staff. The portal is updated every three months.

Renouncing Racial Covenants

An estimated 2,800 residential properties in Edina still have racially restrictive covenants in their deeds. The City is working to discharge such language from its properties and encourages residents to do the same.