Grandview Green

The City has completed a preliminary study of a future redevelopment concept, tentatively called Grandview Green. This future concept would potentially expand two vehicle bridges that span Highway 100 with additional land bridges that serve local traffic and create public outdoor space above the highway. This concept is frequently called a “lid” and has been successfully completed in Minnesota and several other cities in the U.S.

By bridging over portions of the highway, the 8-acres of tax-exempt land adjacent to the highway could be used more productively for public and private uses.

In this preliminary phase of study, the City explored how the “lid” concept could serve to connect neighborhoods, enhance bicycle and pedestrian routes, increase sustainability practices and improve the economic productivity of the land around the highway in a way that provides new benefits to the adjacent neighborhoods and broader community. As a result of these preliminary studies, no “fatal flaws” were identified but a timeline to refine or to implement this concept was not established.

Please note that this is a long-range planning study to explore the viability of this concept. There are no imminent plans to fund or construct this concept.

Additional information about this future concept is available in our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).