Market Street Redevelopment

In December 2016, the Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) selected a team led by Buhl Investors and Saturday Properties to serve as the development partner. This team was selected after interviewing three teams that had expressed interest in working with the Edina HRA to improve public parking and add vitality and street life to this sleepy portion of 50th and France.

Construction began January 2018 and was completed in two phases. The first phase, an expansion of the North Parking Ramp, is complete! This ramp has nearly 550 public parking stalls available for customers and employees.

The second phase is under construction, but mostly complete. This phase consists of 100 new apartments (called Nolan Mains) and new street level retail arranged around a series of pedestrian walkways and outdoor public plazas to unify the new construction and the existing businesses. 

The new Center Parking Ramp is now open to the public and located in the lower level of Nolan Mains providing an additional 120-plus public parking stalls for customers and clients. 

Parking Map (PDF) 

June 15 to October 1, 2019 Traffic Map (PDF)