Expansion of North Parking Ramp

The North parking structure will be expanded onto vacant properties on both sides of the existing. This structure is the City's newest parking facility with the longest service life. The new additions will include approximately 10,000 square feet of new commercial space to provide new business opportunities on the first floor with public parking above. An additional tier will be added to the existing Ramp. 

When complete, parking for people with disabilities will be provided the first level as well as portions of the upper levels closest to the elevators. The Ramp will have two elevators and three stairways that lead to the street level. Monumental public art installations will be included on the two most visible portions on the east and west corners. 

The North Ramp closed for construction in January. It will partially re-open for use in April 2018. The ramp will be fully re-opened in September 2018.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction offered the lowest of four competitive bids and was selected as the general contractor.

When the North Ramp partially re-opens in April, work will shift to the Center Ramp. The schedules are staggered to avoid complete simultaneous closure of both North and Center Ramps. To supplement the reduced parking in the ramp during construction, additional parking has been created with new on-street parking on France Avenue, leasing off-site parking areas at nearby churches and using valet parking.