Ongoing Construction Update

Expansion of the North Ramp began in January 2018. It will re-open on or about April 1st. The North Ramp will be completed in September 2018 and will provide more than 400 parking stalls for customers and employees. 

Demolition of the Center Ramp will begin April 2nd, 2018. This will be an active construction site for more than one year. When complete in Fall 2019, this site will feature new apartment homes, new retail shops, and 100+ stalls of indoor customer parking all centered around a series of pedestrian ways and public plazas.

Market Street Construction Update

April 13, 2018

A week of transitions has been completed. The concrete barriers and fences have been installed along Market Street to allow two different construction companies to build the North Ramp and begin work on the Nolan Mains building. This arrangement allows one-way traffic along Market Street. This configuration will remain in place until the North Ramp is complete in September. The initial batch of wayfinding signage has been installed and more is coming.

The North and South Ramps remains open for employee and public parking. Employees are encouraged to use the upper levels so that the lower levels are available for customers. Valet service is available Monday through Saturday. We are working with the valet operator to improve customer service and turn-around times.

There will be a lot of construction activity in the next several weeks. A detailed forecast for each project follows:
North Ramp Expansion
The foundation work for the parking expansion is nearly complete and the new structure is beginning to take shape. The new floors will be formed and poured over the next few weeks. The snow chute and retail walls will be started next week. Work will continue on the new columns, interior walls and curbs.
Expect to see additional concrete trucks making deliveries on Wed. April 18th (weather permitting). While the actual construction work will take place behind the fence, the concrete deliveries and soil exports will bring a lot of trucks to the site. We ask for your patience during the concrete pouring operations as there will likely be periods of time when construction activity will impact traffic flow on Market and Halifax.

Center Ramp and Clancy Lot
The Center Ramp and Parking Lot have been closed. The City has completed salvage operations so that many items can be re-used in the future. Carpenters are nearly finished with the new pedestrian walkway that will provide access to the adjacent businesses for the next year. More signs and lighting will be installed as the rest of the walkway is completed.
The underground utility work that serves all the buildings on the block has been substantially completed.
Demolition of the Center Ramp will begin Monday. Installation of sheet metal shoring along the edge of Market Street will also begin on Monday. Expect frequent noise and vibrations. The demolition work is scheduled from 7 AM to 4 PM and the contractor intends to have this work completed as soon as possible. While the work is unlikely to damage a building, it could be noisy and challenging for employees and customers. 
Demolition work is scheduled for 4 weeks. The work will
occur in phases in order to limit impacts on adjacent businesses. Some work may occur after business hours. A map showing the proposed demolition phases is available below. Please be patient as this work begins.

Over the next four weeks, limited portions of the pedestrian walkway will need to be closed to ensure safe walking conditions. The Developer will have 3 workers on-site to help employees and customers navigate through and around the work site. The anticipated schedule of walkway detours follows: 

  • April 16 - 18 --- Walkway adjacent to Jett Makeup, 5-0 Mall and Talbots will be closed for demolition (blue zone in the  map)
  • April 23 --- Walkway adjacent to Jett Makeup, 5-0 Mall and Talbots will be closed for south stair demolition (blue zone in the  map)
  • April 24 -27 --- Walkway near At Home and Harriet & Alice closed for adjacent demolition (pink zone in the map)
  • Mid-Late May --- underground utility work tentatively scheduled for portions of the sideway between At Home, Bellesons and Harriet & Alice

Road restriping has been delayed until the weather cooperates. This work includes new valet zones and new handicapped parking stalls. This work is tentatively scheduled for the week of April 23rd. If possible, it will occur sooner.
Parking Conditions
As requested by businesses, parking enforcement has been increased with the intention of freeing up more stalls for customers. The City realizes that the limited parking during construction creates many challenges. The City has hired a new full-time parking manager to work on-site.
Interstate Parking has expertise in managing complex parking situations. They will help coordinate employees, customers and valet service until the North Ramp is complete.
Off-site shuttle service anticipated to begin the week of April 23rd so that employees have adequate time to sign up for this program. This service is expected to operate from 6:30 to 8:30 AM and from 3 to 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Additional details to follow.

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Schedule for Monthly Construction Updates

Demolition Phasing Plan - 4-12-2018

Construction Mitigation and Parking Management Plan, Dec. 2017

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