Adding Shops, Apartments & Public Amenities

The property located at 3945 Market St. and the 1970's era Center Parking Ramp was sold and will be replaced with the new Nolan Mains - a vibrant new structure that contains new housing, new shops and new public plazas. This new investment located at 3945 Market St. will position 50th & France for continued success for future generations.

The site plan was shaped to complement the surrounding businesses that face the former parking structure. Pedestrian walkability is central to the new design. More than half an acre of public walkways and plazas will be rebuilt - including a nearly 5,000-square-foot outdoor plaza that can serve as a public gathering space for special events.

The Nolan Mains structure is designed as three related buildings that contain 100 new apartment homes constructed above new commercial space on the first floor. Ten of the apartment homes will be leased at reduced rates to households that earn moderate incomes.

Parking will be nestled below ground so that more active and desirable uses can occur in the sunshine. The first level of parking will contain approximately 128 stalls for general public use. An elevator and stairways will lead up the plaza and to existing businesses on the west and east ends of the block. The lowest level of parking will be reserved for apartment residents.

Site work began in January 2018 and construction is on schedule for completion in Fall 2019.

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