City Goals

The City Council and staff develop a two-year Budget Work Plan to coincide with the operating budget. The process begins with identifying the budget goals, which help the City with its overall strategic plans. 

In the City of Edina, the operating budget is part of a comprehensive approach to performance management. The principles of this performance system are outlined below:


Strategic objectives play an integral role in leadership decisions-making, organization planning and resource allocation.

Reflects Community Goals:

Community input is gathered to determine desired community goals and outcomes. These goals are captured in a strategic plan that serves as the anchor for the performance management system. 

Aligned at All Levels:

The City's departmental plans/programs reflect community goals. Departments work cooperatively across functional lines to achieve key outcomes. Employees understand how their work ties to City's mission, vision and strategy. 


Success is measured through performance measures that tie as closely as possible to customer outcomes. Performance data becomes an important factor in future planning.

Drives Budget:

Resources are allocated according to strategic priorities. Successful programs, as determined through performance measures, receive more resources. 


2018-19 Budget Goals

1. Maintain physical assets and infrastructure
2. Maintain service levels that best meet the needs of the community
3. Plan for connected and sustainable development
4. Foster inclusive and engaged community​​​​

How We Reach Those

With the goals set, objectives for the budget term are developed. From those, City staff members develop a list of actions to take to reach each objective and the overall goal. Departments are assigned as responsible for reporting progress on each action.


For instance, for the first budget goal listed above, one of the objectives is to incorporate sustainability practices into all City maintenance and capital improvement decisions. One action is to create and implement a green building policy for City facilities by the end of 2018.

Learn More

See the 2018-19 Budget Work Plan (PDF) for a list of all the objectives and actions to be taken.

A five-page section of the 211-page Budget Book explains more about the Budget Work Plan process. 

See the full 2018-2019 Budget Book (PDF).