I in Edina

The I in Edina

The Artwork

"The I in Edina" features oversized green building blocks that create the letters E, D, N, A. Visitors who stand in the center become the "I" in Edina.

The Artist

Concord Elementary School student Mac Anderson submitted a model of this design in a 2018 student art contest sponsored by the Edina Education Fund and the City's Arts & Culture Commission. His representation of the theme "I am" was among nine finalists among more than 130 entries from area elementary students. Artist Charles Morrill selected Mac's design and worked with him to build it.


Funding for all three pieces created by the contest came from the Edina Education Fund and part of a $10,000 fund from the City for Public Art. Morrill donated hundreds of hours of his time. 


Edina Promenade south of Hazelton Road