Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

The Artwork

The walk-through rainbow bridge features translucent panels filled with colored triangles and shapes. From the outside it's a blast of colors. From the inside it's like being inside a kaleidoscope looking out. Small ramps at the entry and exit make it accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

The Artist

Normandale Elementary School student Sylvia van Norman designed it as her entry in a 2018 student art competition sponsored by the Edina Education Fund and the City's Arts & Culture Commission. Her representation of the theme "I am" was among nine finalists among more than 130 entries from area elementary students. Artist Charles Morrill selected Sylvia's design and worked with her to build it. 


Funding for all three pieces created by the competition came from the Edina Education Fund and part of a $10,000 fund from the City of Edina for Public Art. Morrill donated hundreds of hours of his time.


Edina Promenade south of 70th Street.