Affordable Places to Live

Places Offering Affordable Housing*

For People Ages 55+

South Haven, 3400 Parklawn Ave. - 100 affordable units 

Summit Point, 5110 Summit Ave. - 29 affordable units 

Aurora on France, 6500 France Ave. - 10 affordable units 

Yorkshire of Edina, 7141 York Ave. S. - 10 affordable units 

Yorktown Continental, 7151 York Ave. S. - 10 affordable units

Avidor, 5220 Eden Ave. - 18 affordable units for seniors (The wait list for the affordable units is currently closed.  It will reopen when the wait time is less than 1 year).

For Youth Ages 18 to 24 

66 West, 3330 66th St. West - 36 affordable units

For All Ages

Yorkdale Townhomes, 7401 York Ave. S. - 90 affordable units for individuals and families

Oak Glen of Edina, 5515 Oak Glen Road - 26 affordable units for individuals and families

Coming Soon 

Aria, 3200 Southdale Circle - 8 affordable units (Wait list is closed on the affordable units)

Nolan Mains, 3925 Market St. - 10 affordable units

The Lorient - 4500 France Avenue - 3 affordable units for people with disabilities

* This list is not complete as it reflects only new construction or developments that benefited from government financing.  Edina has additional apartments offering affordable rents that can be found by using apartment search programs.