Residential Stormwater Assistance Grant

The application is closed for 2019. Interested residents with drainage concerns are welcome to call 952-826-0371 and the Engineering Department can provide assistance.

Proper management of private stormwater or drainage water rests on individual or community capacity to understand surface and subsurface drainage, inspect and diagnose issues, conduct maintenance and repair, or construct new systems. Private drainage and stormwater change over time:

• Landscaping and grading change during private improvements and redevelopment
• Precipitation amount and intensity increases due climate change and groundwater levels fluctuate
• Flow paths change or degrade as sediment fills swales, freeze-thaw cracks pipes, or roots and organic matter clog private drains
• Sump drains, foundation drains, pumps and other drainage systems no longer work as intended

City of Edina residential property owners can apply to the Residential Stormwater Assistance Grant for technical assistance on flooding, clean water and drainage issues that affect their property. Completed applications are reviewed on a continual basis, but are limited annually by funding. Accepted applications are eligible for up to $4,000 each of technical consulting. The City of Edina hires the specific service providers depending on the issue identified in the application.

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