44th & France

In practical terms, 44th & France in Edina is “one-half” of a commercial node. Immediately to the east is 44th & France in Minneapolis. While cities and other government jurisdictions recognize streets as boundaries, markets do not. Therefore, these two commercial areas share the same market area and are two halves of the same place. In 2013, the City of Minneapolis, in collaboration with the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council, completed the Linden Hills Small Area Plan to guide future change and development on the east side of France Avenue. 

This 44th and France Small Area Plan presents an exciting opportunity for Edina residents to chart a course for future change for the Edina portion of this larger node and an implementation program for shaping and managing public and private investment.

Download the 44th & France Small Area Plan adopted August 24, 2018.

44th & France Study Area