Planning Commission

Planning Commission Group

The Commission reviews development plans and advises the City Council on development, including amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, zoning, platting, changes in streets and other matters of a general planning nature. 

Meetings: Meets 7 p.m. second & fourth Wednesdays of the month.

Pictured above from left to right: Lori Olson, Gerard Strauss, Quincy Smith, Bonnie Padilla, Lou Miranda, Meriwether Felt, James Bennett, Sarah Hu, Ryan Daye and William Bornstein.

Seat Member Term Term Ends
1 William Bornstein First 03/01/26
2 Meriwether Felt First 03/01/26
3 Ryan Daye First 03/01/26
4 Bonnie Padilla First 03/01/24
5 Gerard Strauss (Vice-Chair) Third 03/01/24
6 Quincy Smith First 03/01/24
7 James Bennett (Chair) Second 03/01/25
8 Lori Olson First 03/01/25
9 Lou Miranda (Secretary) Third 03/01/25
10 Sarah Hu (student) First 09/01/24
11 Alexander Schultze (student) First 09/01/24