Transportation Commission

The Commission advises the City Council on matters relating to the operation of the City’s local street system. The Commission also reviews and comments on plans to enhance non-motorized and mass transit opportunities in the city. In addition, the Commission evaluates methods for traffic calming and other speed and volume mitigation measures and recommends their implementation when appropriate.

Meetings: Meets 6 p.m. third Thursday of the month.

Seat Member Term Term Ends
1 Melinda Ahler Second 03/01/23
2 Aboubekrine Kane Second 03/01/23
3 Lori Richman Second 03/01/23
4 Andy Lewis
First 03/01/24
5 Kirk Johnson (Chair) Second 03/01/24
6 Chris Brown First 03/01/24
7 Janet Kitui Partial 03/01/22
8 Bruce McCarthy First 03/01/22
9 Jill Plumb-Smith (Vice-chair) Partial 03/01/22
10 Stephen Kanti Mahanty (student) First 09/01/22
11 Anna Clark (student)
Second 09/01/22