Cricket is a sport similar to baseball or softball but predates both those sports. It started in England in the 18th century and is the most popular sport in many countries including India.

Edina is starting tape ball cricket, which is a variation on the traditional game. Invented so the game could be played in the streets of Karachi, Pakistan, tape ball cricket gets its name from the practice of wrapping a tennis ball in electrical tape to create the game ball. 

Video: This is a good intro to cricket in general, though note that this full game uses 11 players per side and an official cricket pitch. The Edina league will be a variation with 8 players per side and on Braemar Field.

The League

Edina's inaugural league starts May 4. It will be recreational and co-ed, open to both current players and those who'd like to try this exciting game.

Teams will play with 8 players but can have up to 15 on a roster. No uniforms are needed and all equipment is provided. Games will be one hour and will be played Friday or Saturday evenings.

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Who Can Play?

Anyone 18 or older in this adult league. 

Kids ages 8-12 can learn the game themselves in a special introductory class this spring taught by the Strykers Cricket Club. See the class information to learn more or register a child.