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The Edina 911 Emergency Communication Center now offers a free, new service to help you along with 911 Dispatchers and first responders when you call 911.

Once you've signed up, first responders will be provided important information that will help them address your emergency, especially if you call from a cellphone or you are unable to speak during the call. This information - including photos, medical issues, documents and current location - can help Police, Fire, and EMS locate and help you faster. Register Now.

  • Free to the public – Program is supported by existing 911 fees
  • 100 percent private and secure
  • When you register, you can also elect to receive notifications during an emergency
  • In 2018, 75 percent of our 911 calls came from cellphones. When you call 911 from a landline, your location/address is displayed immediately to the 911 dispatcher. With cellphones, it can take multiple minutes to obtain your location.

How Does It Work?

The software provides people with the ability to enter information that they want to make available to 911 call takers, which in turn will be shared with emergency responders through a secure website at Smart911 then delivers this information automatically when you place a 911 call that is answered by the Edina 911 Communications Center to the dispatcher’s work station.

What Details Are Shared?

You decide. Smart911 allows you to store any critical care and emergency rescue information online in advance of any emergency, but you choose how much information you want to be available to emergency responders. Information can include photos of yourself or your children, medical conditions, home/work addresses of mobile phone callers, disabilities, special documents, emergency contacts or other rescue-related information. View a list of information you can add to your profile here.

Who Should Register?

Everyone!! Especially if you, your family member or anyone in your household lives, works or ever travels through the City of Edina or Richfield. Your Smart911 profile will display in any 911 center in the United States as long as they are utilizing this service. 

How Do I Register?

The registration process is quick and easy... just four simple steps! After completing the steps, you will have a chance to add optional information or edit the information you have provided. You must complete every step, or the service will not work until you have added and confirmed each phone number listed. Register here for Smart911 and Reverse Emergency Notifications.

Examples of How Smart 911 Can Benefit You: 

  • You only have a cell phone (no landline). You can add multiple addresses you frequent (home, work, etc.)
  • You have children that might be home alone at times. If you register and verify the cell or home phone, specific information that you choose to enter will display for the 911 Dispatcher, questions your child might not be able to answer at the time (contact information for you or any other other emergency contacts)
  • You have a medical condition where you might not be able to speak. You can put known medical information into the system that will display to 911 dispatchers.
  • You have a family member or child with special needs, may need additional care or goes missing. You can place specific information that can help responders talk or approach the child, along with adding pictures and physical descriptors to save time.
  • You’re able to place your vehicle/license plate information into the system so it can be displayed
  • You have family member that has a behavioral disorder (bi-polar, schizophrenia, aggressive). You can place their information into your family’s safety profile.
    • In the event you are unable to talk about their specific diagnosis, they might become aggressive toward you and you call 911. It has happened and all the 911 Dispatcher hears on the phone is yelling and screaming but the caller is unable to give us the address because it’s a stressful situation or the caller is injured and cannot tell us the address. If that happened at your home and you added your address to your profile, 911 Dispatchers would have your address immediately to start responders.
    • There are times during stressful or an emergency where callers can’t remember or think of pertinent or helpful information. If you add this into your profile while you are in a controlled environment, this can help save valuable time during the call.
    • Enter key holder information or other emergency contact information for you or other family members.  

911 Dispatchers may still ask for information you entered into your Smart911 profile. Please do not get angry or upset that they are asking for this. The dispatcher would be asking that information for a reason or to verify it.

If you have any questions about Smart911, you can visit their website or contact PSAP Manager Tony Martin, or Lead Dispatchers Jennifer Radde or Katie Danielson at 952-826-1600.