Entertainment & Events

Centennial Lakes Park

Summer Events

During the summer months, visitors can:

Concerts and Performances

Held at Maetzold Amphitheater* June-August

Concert or Event Cancelations Due to Weather

Centennial Lakes Park rarely cancels concerts or events due to weather. Our performers are in a covered space, so shows go on in rain.

In the event of thunderstorms or other extreme weather in the forecast, we will monitor the situation. Concerts are not canceled until shortly before the event in most cases because often forecasted storms never materialize or pass by before the scheduled event time.

If we do cancel an event, that information will be posted in these places:

If inclement weather is in the forecast, we recommend checking one of those before heading to the park. If there is no cancellation message, the event is still on as scheduled.

Please note performances are not rescheduled if canceled.

Fall / Winter Events

In Winter the park becomes a winter wonderland.

Fall/Winter Concerts