Adopt-a Programs

Residents have three ways to get involved and help keep their neighborhoods clean and safe: Adopt-a-Hydrant, Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Drain.


This program gives community members the chance to “adopt” any number of storm drains on your street or in your neighborhood. Adopt-a-Drain  is a coalition of more than 70 public, private and non-profit organizations, including the City of Edina and the Nine Mile Creek and Minnehaha Creek watershed districts. Those who sign up commit to keeping drains clear of trash, leaves and grass. In addition, participants are encouraged to spread the word that pet waste, plant debris and road salt directly impact Minnesota lakes, streams and rivers.

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In the midst of winter snowstorms, buried hydrants cause dangerous delays for fire fighters. Adopt-a-hydrant allows residents to claim responsibility for shoveling out fire hydrants after heavy snowfall and making sure the hydrants are clear of brush. In the summer and fall, plant growth and leaves can obscure hydrants, too. The City looks for residents to sign up to adopt hydrants to keep them shoveled in the winter months and clear of foliage in the summer. Remind neighbors that Fire Code requires a clear three-foot radius around a fire hydrant, so flowers and trees should not be planted near hydrants. Hydrants are available for anyone to adopt - it doesn’t have to be located in your yard. Sign up to participate in this program by calling 952-826-0378.

In addition to keeping the area around fire hydrants clear, Edina residents can help firefighters and the Public Works Department by volunteering to paint a hydrant. There are 1,800 fire hydrants in the City of Edina. Public Works crews try to paint one-third of them each year. The Public Works Department supplies the required fire-hydrant-red spray paint. Call 952-826-0376 to arrange paint pick up.

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Adopt-A-Park is an Edina volunteer public service program that encourages Edina organizations and individuals to make significant contributions toward maintaining the high quality of Edina's parks by keeping them litter-free and identifying safety hazards. By participating, you contribute to a cleaner environment in your neighborhood and you allow the City to conserve and redirect resources. Parks are adopted for two years at a time. Adopters commit to cleaning up trash at the park at least twice a year. The City will provide cleaning equipment, haul trash away and erect a personalized sign that’s displayed at the park and highlights the group or individual who has adopted the park.

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