Tree Diseases

Trees in Edina can suffer from various infectious diseases or pests. The three most prominent ones that fall under the infectious tree code are:

Diagnosis & Treatment

Property owners are urged to hire a professional arborist or tree company to evaluate trees for any disease and recommend treatment or removal.

City’s Role

A designated tree inspector hired by the City of Edina and certified by the State of Minnesota has the lawful right to go onto private property to inspect for and control the spread of these three diseases. For oak wilt, the City has hired Rehder Forestry Consulting.


If the inspector needs to enter your property to examine a tree, a tag will be placed on your front door if no one is at the home or business.

Parks & Public Spaces

The City Forester and Park Maintenance staff keep an eye out for signs of tree disease. Prominent trees are treated when possible. Trees may be removed for disease or preemptively to prevent spread or hazard. The City strives to plant at least one new tree for every removed one, and frequently exceeds that.


Contact City Forester Luther Overholt at 952-826-0308.