Edina Firefighters Relief Association

The Edina Firefighters Relief Association was formed in 1942. It is a nonprofit corporation separate from the City of Edina. The Association and other volunteer firefighter relief associations in Minnesota are governed by State Statute.

The Edina Firefighters Relief Association exists to pay benefits for disability, death or retirement of its members. The Association is funded by Fire State Aid from the State of Minnesota. The State funds Fire State Aid through a 2 percent tax on fire-related insurance. Current state law requires cities with fire relief associations to pass the entire amount of Fire State Aid received from the State to the fire relief association. The City of Edina does not contribute any additional funds to the Edina Firefighters Relief Association.

The Edina Firefighters Relief Association is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees. Six are elected from the membership: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Trustees. By State law, three trustees are municipal officials. The Edina City Council designates the municipal officers annually. Currently, they are the Mayor, Finance Director and Fire Chief.