School of (Fish)

School of Fish art

The Artwork

The piece is made up of stainless steel, bronze and glass. It's designed as if you were looking at the water from above. Its shape was designed to convey movement of the fish. The blue patina will change as it ages, displaying ever-changing colors. It represents the artists' vision of how we are better together when we school together.

The Artist

Alex Wyatt, then a fifth-grader at Concord Elementary School, created the inspiration for the piece as part of his entry in the 2019 student art competition sponsored by the Edina Community Foundation (ECF) and the City's Arts & Culture Commission. His representation of the theme "Better Together" was among eight finalists among more than 80 entries from area elementary students. Artist Alan and Nicole Milligan of the Milligan Studio selected Alex's design and worked with him to build it. 


Funding came from the ECF and part of a $10,000 fund from the City of Edina for Public Art. Artists Alan and Nicole Mulligan donated much of their own time.


South part of Centennial Lakes Park, 7499 France Ave., near the water.