Garden Quilt

Garden Quilt art on North Ramp

The Artwork

Designed by local artist Heather Novak-Peterson and fabricated by local specialists at Chanhassen-based Sign Source, "Garden Quilt" consists of 18 individual art boxes of varying size and depth, creating a total piece that spans 10 feet wide and 30 feet tall. Each box is printed with a unique collage based upon a foundational image related to Edina that were stylized and blended with vibrant colors and shapes. Astute observers will recognize design elements from Edina’s historic Grange Hall as well as images of clover and thistle. In addition to the varying shapes and sizes, some of the art boxes are backlit to deliver a contrast between shadows cast by nearby street lights. 

The Artist

Heather Novak-Peterson specializes in large-scale art that decorates the exterior and interior walls of public buildings, plaza and private businesses. 

“The installation, called ‘Garden Quilt’ came from an inspiration of how, no matter where your family is from, or who you are, we all have blankets and quilts in our homes that remind us of how our similarities weave together to make a community as beautiful and warm and connected as a quilt,” said Novak-Peterson. “We look to the past and forward to the future, in a perpetual stitching of events, achievements, memories and goals, making this town our home.”

The style and content was heavily influenced by nearly 800 local Edina residents and business owners at 50th & France who participated in focus groups and online surveys to set the general direction of the artwork in Spring 2018.


The work was part of the City's project to expand the North Ramp, an effort that was completed in 2018. The expanded ramp was a major element of the overall 2017-2019 Market Street Redevelopment project that also included housing, retail, expanded sidewalks and public plazas, expanding the overall upscale 50th & France area.


North Parking Ramp, 3940 Market St., at 50th & France. It is mounted on the exposed stone face of the stairway and elevator tower that serves the expanded parking garage.