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The City of Edina’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan is more than 4,600 pages.

To learn more about the four-year process to create this plan or the changes Met Council required to the submitted plan, see the Comprehensive Plan page.

Best Ways To Read the Plan

To make it easier for people to load and read the Comprehensive Plan sections they are most interested in, we’ve divided the plan into chapters and appendices.

Click on any link to load and read that section. Note that many of these files are large and may include diagrams, maps or photos, so load times will vary. It is recommended you view the plan on a desktop or tablet.

Appendix E - Capital Improvement Plan

Complete Plan Files

If you would prefer to view the main plan and appendices grouped together, see the below links. Due to the large size of these files, most of these are reduced-size PDFs that may not render maps and other visuals as clearly as the individual chapter and appendix files.

Please note these files will take a lot of time and bandwidth to load. Some users might be unable to load them due to device or connection speed.