Business/Commercial Buildings & Energy


  • Efficient Buildings Ordinance- Buildings 25,000 square feet or larger must comply annually:
    • Benchmark and report energy and water use to the City
    • Stay up to date with the Energy Assessment requirements
    • See below for details
  • Sustainable Buildings Policy (PDF) - New construction and significant renovations seeking a PUD or financial support from the City of Edina must comply.


  • Climate Action Fund Cost Share Program - Commercial and Multifamily properties may be eligible for reimbursement for energy-efficiency projects or those that shift from natural gas to electricity. See below.
  • Green Business Outreach Program - The City of Edina celebrates green and sustainable actions promoted by local businesses. Apply to get recognized for your business's environmental practices!
  •  Reduce your energy use and transition to renewable energy - See below for resources to reduce your building energy needs and move toward a renewable energy future. 

Efficient Buildings Ordinance, What Is It?

The City of Edina is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030, from 2019. The Efficient Buildings Ordinance benchmarks existing energy use in commercial buildings, and promotes resources to increase energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy sources. Improving building energy efficiency is a key component of the City’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint while supporting building owners’ pathways to lower operating costs.

Many property managers and owners already benchmark their buildings. Benchmarking the energy performance of a building is the first step to increasing energy efficiency.

How are efficient are buildings in Edina? View energy use by building:
Hennepin County Building Energy Benchmarking Tracker

The City of Edina requires that commercial buildings provide proof of an approved energy assessment, at no cost to the building owner, every five years.

Compliant buildings must report water use through Energy Star Portfolio Manager in addition to energy. Not sure how much water your building used? Sign up for e-billing to receive virtual statements, or contact Edina's utility billing department.

Who must comply?

Properties with energy and water efficiency improvement potential shall submit proof of an energy assessment having been performed according to the schedule below. The assessment must have been performed within the last five (5) years and must include recommendations for energy and water savings opportunities. Buildings’ energy improvement potential shall be defined on an annual basis, based on the prior year’s benchmarking data. Weather Normalized Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) shall be used to determine improvement potential. The 50% of buildings with the highest Weather Normalized Site EUI values in a given class shall be required to comply with an energy assessment.

ClassProperty Size (in gross square feet)Compliance Schedule
1100,000 and greaterJune 1, 2022 and by June 1 every fifth year thereafter
250,000 – 99,999June 1, 2023 and by June 1 every fifth year thereafter
325,000-49,999June 1, 2024 and by June 1 every fifth year thereafter

How to comply

Every spring, buildings required to comply (based on prior year's weather normalized site EUI) will be notified by mail and email of the compliance requirement and the process to either receive an energy assessment, submit proof of an existing energy assessment performed in the last five years, or seek an exemption.

Buildings required to comply with the Energy Assessment will be contacted by a City-approved Energy Assessment team to schedule the assessment. This team will submit proof of assessment to the City to achieve compliance for the building. 


Think your building might be exempt? The building owner can complete this Exemption Form, choosing "Edina" as the City and "Energy Assessment" in the exemption option drop-down. Exemptions may be considered if a building meets one of the following:

  1. Properties with qualifying green building certifications within past 3 years are exempt.  These include ENERGY STAR, LEED Silver, Minnesota B3, and other certifications outlined in Edina’s Sustainable Buildings Policy.
  2. Beginning in 2025, properties showing evidence of 20% weather-normalized energy use intensity reduction over five (5) years, with an initial baseline year of 2019 may seek an exception. 
  3. Received energy assessment in last 5 years

Sign up for an Energy Assessment

Buildings required to comply by receiving an energy assessment will be contacted to schedule an assessment. The City of Edina is offering no-cost energy energy assessments to any building 25,000 square feet or larger in the city that wishes to comply with the Efficient Buildings ordinance earlier than their anticipated compliance year (2024). If you wish to comply early, please contact the Efficient Buildings Help Desk Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  via email [email protected], call 866-614-7542 or visit