Code of Conduct

The Edina City Council developed a Code of Conduct for all elected City officials at a series of retreat meetings that concluded in Spring of 2020. Most standards in this code are principles the City Council already followed. 

Council members also approved three value statements: Community Engagement, Equity and Sustainability.

Code of Conduct Highlights

Introductory Pledge: All City Council members pledge to follow laws, their respective roles, policies and act in the best interest of the City and all residents both financially and legally.

Compliance and Enforcement: City Council members will hold themselves and each other accountable for ethical conduct and discuss any suspected violation of the law with the City Manager.

Comply with the Law: All members will comply with all applicable federal and state laws and city ordinances including Open Meeting Law, policies on gifts, use of the City logo and conflicts of interest.

Roles of Council, Staff and Commissions: Know, understand and respect the roles of their positions, staff and commissions, including adhering to the Council-Manager (Plan B) structure of Edina city government as outlined in MN Statute 412.

Working with the Community: Council members will refer residents with concerns to the City Manager. In working with businesses or other interests, Council members will not grant any special consideration or treatment, will honor rules about public testimony, make themselves available to all parties on an equal basis and not prejudge an issue before Council deliberations.

Intergovernmental Relations: Members will represent positions approved by the City Council when working with other agencies or governments.

See the full Code of Conduct (PDF).

Value Statements

Community Engagement

 As the Edina City Council, we are dedicated to fostering an engaged community built on a foundation of trust. We will do this by intentionally focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion and creating a dialogue of perspectives. We will build trust by demonstrating our engagement principles of Relationships, Equity, Inclusivity, and Accountability. 

  • Relationships: make relationships foundational; strengthen relationships and build new ones; develop a trust between the City and residents
  • Equity: engage with residents where they are; remove barriers for participation; provide multiple options for participation
  • Inclusivity: strive to provide meaningful engagement opportunities; invite underrepresented groups to participate; make all feel welcomed and valued
  • Accountability: make a plan; do what we say we are going to do; don’t change the rules; make a decision; communicate how participation influenced decision


As the Edina City Council, we are dedicated to creating an environment in our community where residents have equitable opportunities to participate in their city government and access the City’s institutions, facilities and services. 

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will be a continuous process of learning and adapting to the multiple needs of all in the community, while consistently applying an equity lens in all decisions and interactions. Our vision of a welcoming Edina includes removing systemic and institutional barriers to create opportunities for all in the community to thrive.


 As the Edina City Council, we are dedicated to building a sustainable environment where current and future generations benefit from clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, and access to nature. 

We recognize that the City’s natural environment, and the health and quality of life of its residents are just as, or even more, important, than the financial factors. We will ensure that our policies, decisions and future plans have a positive impact on people and the planet, in addition to profit.