Seeds of Change

The Artwork
Members of the Edina High School Black Student Union, Good Samaritan Peace Frog Artists and community artists created artwork with messages of inclusion and racial justice that were placed in the flowerpots along West 50th Street in downtown Edina for summer 2020. The artwork is intended to start conversation about race in the community. This community art project is a strong affirmation that Black lives do matter in Edina.

The Artist
Edina High School Black Student Union artists were Rachel Adegbenro, Hannah Andruss, Parii Bafna, Anna Devine, Grace Drought, Birgen Nelson, Stella Olken-Junt, Aditya Rewalliwar, Phoebe Taiwo, Miranda Trang and Kayla Yang.

Good Samaritan Peace Frog Artists were Adelle Chinnakotia, Carissa Goldstein, Morgan Goldstein, Acacia Johnstone, Mika Kansara, Ayla Kluis, Annileigh Nelson, Penelope Nordin, Rafael Okundaye and Zaza Okundaye.

Community Artists were Blake Osborne, Genevieve Fabiola, Alexander Brooks Parker, Kimberly Senn and Arianne Zager.

Art supplies for the project were donated by a resident.

50th & France