2021 - Suckow-Ziemer Residence


5900 Olinger Blvd.

Restoration and Preservation

The home, purchased in 2008 by Steven Suckow and Holly Ziemer, was built in 1966 by the Lundgren Company. The restoration emphasizes classic California Modern designs refined by Joseph Eichler and others. 

The previous owners restored interior elements including exposed post and beam construction, board ceilings and slab flooring. In 2019, Suckow and Ziemer restored and refined the home's courtyard, a distinguishing feature of Mid-Century Modern homes. 

“Our realtor, Tim Hyde, knew we were interested in modern design and suggested we take a look at the house,” said Suckow. “Once we did, we fell in love with it. It is everything this style was designed to create – warm, engaging spaces that are human scale and make intuitive sense. The courtyard is central to the experience of the house, so we wanted it to be a reflection of the style, but also energize the livability of the home.”

The plantings, while primarily native to Minnesota, emphasize a Japanese-inspired design with dense plantings offering a variety of shapes, textures and colors over four seasons. The plants create a natural setting complemented by blue stone paving. The courtyard connects the interior of this Mid-Century Modern with the outdoors.


“We are thrilled to present this award to an outstanding example of Mid-Century Modern architecture – specifically the architecture both inside and out,” said Annie Schilling, Chair of the Edina Heritage Preservation Commission. “The current owners took the restoration and attention to detail to the next level when they turned their attention to the distinguishing courtyard feature.”

Mayor Jim Hovland noted that the home “looked like something out of Palm Springs, California” and said it was “beautifully maintained.” 

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