Drive 25

Drive 25 campaign logoTo improve safety and mobility for all users and all modes of transportation, the speed limit on most local streets has been reduced to 25 mph. Lower speed limits reduce the likelihood and severity of motor vehicle crashes and prioritize the needs of pedestrians and cyclists over motorists. These goals are reflected in the Comprehensive Plan, the Living Streets Plan (PDF), the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PDF) and the Active Routes to School Plan (PDF)

This initiative is part of a comprehensive strategy to address speeding and pedestrian safety. It will complement other efforts including minimizing roadway widths, constructing new multi-modal infrastructure and improving pedestrian crossings where warranted.

New Speed Limits

  • 25 miles per hour on most local streets
  • 30 miles per hour on major streets with high non-local traffic
  • 15-20 miles per hour in School Zones
  • 10 miles per hour on alleys

Through this initiative, no changes will be made to roads owned by Hennepin County or the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

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New speed limit map


Effective August 1, 2019, Minnesota cities have the authority to set speed limits on streets they control. About 40% of residents regularly express concern about speeding in their neighborhoods in the City's Quality of Life survey. The City has long been supportive of efforts to improve safety and mobility for all users and all modes of transportation.

In February 2021, City Council approved staff's recommended approach to changing speed limits in Edina following a period of public comment. In August 2021, Council amended City Code to comply with state statute and approved staff's implementation plan.

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