Make Your Edina Home Energy Efficient

Within Edina, 29% of residents live with a high energy burden, where at least 6% of their income is used for electricity bills. Incorporating more energy-efficient practices and tools in your home can help you save money and meet the City’s energy reduction goals.  

Climate Action Plan Strategies for Residential Energy Efficiency

Strategy BE1 Improve total communitywide residential, commercial, educational and industrial building energy efficiency by 15% for electricity and 15% for natural gas by 2030.
Strategy BE2 Increase adoption of high-performance building construction technology, achieving 5% Net Zero households and 1% Net Zero commercial properties communitywide by 2030.
Strategy BE3 Reduce share of population living in high energy poverty from 29% to 12% by 2030.
Strategy BE5 Increase renewable energy (distributed and purchased) from 1.6% to 17% of citywide residential and commercial electric use by 2030.

Learn more about these goals in the Buildings and Energy chapter (PDF) of the Climate Action Plan.

Be a part of reaching these goals by following the home energy-efficiency steps below!

Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient 

1. Schedule a Home Energy Squad Visit

Provided by Xcel Energy and coordinated by the Center for Energy and Environment, the Home Energy Squad offers energy-saving opportunities to your home. A two-person team visits and completes tasks such as insulation inspection, test for air leaks, replace inefficient light bulbs, and more!

The City of Edina offers a 50% discount on all visits, so your visit is only $50 (normally $100)! For income-qualified households (<$100,000/year) your visit is free! To sign up for your Home Energy Squad and learn more, visit Xcel Energy’s website or call 651-328-6220

In 2016, Edina became a Partners in Energy community through the creation of the Electricity Action Plan. Partners in Energy is a program that supports City’s energy goals and helps residents and businesses reduce their utility bills and carbon footprint. 

2.  Multi-Family Building Efficiency Program

If you live in an apartment building with five or more units, encourage your property manager to sign up for a free building energy audit from Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy

3.  Renewable Energy 

4.  Utility Bill Support

5. Additional Resources