Apply for Community Climate Action Fund

The City of Edina’s Community Climate Action Fund is a cost share program where the City reimburses residents and businesses for some of the costs to:

  • Complete high-impact energy-efficiency projects based on a recent building audit, or
  • Install on-site solar after completing energy efficiency improvements

Review savings from the 2022 Federal Inflation Reduction Act to further reduce costs on these projects. Estimate your personal savings using the Rewiring America Calculator

Learn more about home energy efficiency and electrification appliances at

Available Cost Share Amounts for 2023

Energy efficiency

Residential properties, single-family through 4-unit buildings

Eligible projects Base cost-share amount Bonus cost-share amount**
Add air sealing and insulation to attic 100% utility rebate match 150% utility rebate match
Add wall insulation 150% utility rebate match 200% utility rebate match
High-efficiency electric appliance installation* Base cost-share amount for natural gas appliance replacement Bonus cost-share amount**
Install cold-climate air source heat pump (ducted or ductless)*** $2,000, +$250 if you add air sealing and insulation $2,500, +$250 if you add air sealing and insulation
Install heat pump water heater $800 $1,000
Install induction stove $500 $750
Install ground source heat pump $2000, +$250 if you add air sealing and insulation $2,500, +$250 if you add air sealing and insulation

*Residents with existing electric appliances are eligible for this rebate. Residents receiving an Xcel energy rebate for replacing existing electric appliances with high-efficiency electric options will receive the listed cost-share amount, minus the Xcel energy rebate amount. For example, if a resident replaces an electric furnace with a cold-climate air source heat pump, they are eligible to receive the Xcel rebate up to $450, plus the CAP Fund cost-share at $1,550. 

** Bonus Cost-share amounts are available to residents living in census tracts identified by the U.S. Department of Energy as experiencing energy justice challenges. In Edina, those tracts include an area just south of Excelsior Boulevard and another south of the Crosstown Highway (Minnesota Highway 62) between France and Xerxes avenues. Visit to learn more and see exact tracts by entering Edina, MN in the search.

***At this time all cold climate heat pumps qualify for the City’s cost share program, but note that in order to qualify for some federal incentives, cold climate air source heat pumps must meet certain minimum efficiency criteria. Talk to your installer about the requirements before selecting your equipment. The City is not responsible for any resident’s ineligibility for federal tax incentives or rebates.

Commercial and industrial private properties or multifamily (5+ units) buildings

  • 100% utility rebate match up to $2,500 for equipment maintenance/tune-ups and energy efficiency projects recommended in energy assessment report. 
  • Up to $2,500 cost share for electrification/fuel switching projects where natural gas infrastructure or appliances are removed and electric systems are added

Solar installation

  • Up to 10% solar cost share for residents, businesses or organizations
  • You must complete energy efficiency projects to become eligible for the solar cost-share. See the "solar bonus guidelines" for more detail. 
  • Projects applying for the cost share program must be a privately-owned existing residential (1-4 units), commercial, multifamily (5+ units) or industrial property located within the City of Edina.
  • Energy Efficiency projects on new buildings or additions that completed construction within the past 12 months are not eligible for cost share funds.
  • Applications limited to one project per master (tax) parcel. If you are applying for multiple projects on different master parcels, fill out a separate application for each project.
  • An eligible Energy Assessment must be performed within 36 months of and prior to commencing any work eligible for cost sharing funds. The dated Energy Assessment report must be attached to the pre-approval application.
  • Projects related to natural gas infrastructure or appliances are not eligible for cost share funds unless the project replaces such appliances with efficient electric alternatives.
  • Applicant must be the property owner or manager.
  • Buildings subject to Edina’s Efficient Buildings Ordinance must be in compliance to be eligible for cost share funds.
  • Any necessary permits must be received after Jan. 1, 2023.
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