Climate Poetry in the Parks

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The Artwork

In 2022, five chalk art designs were sandblasted and etched into the walkways at parks across Edina and outside Edina High School to create long-lasting art from the original chalk designs. The remaining five poems will be etched into five different Edina parks in 2023. 

The Project

In 2022, the Edina Arts & Culture Commission partnered with Edina High School's Project Earth to bring to life Climate Poetry in the Parks. 

Earlier in the year, Project Earth created an online process for students to submit climate poetry for consideration. “Project Earth hopes our efforts with the Arts & Culture Commission will bring more awareness to our community and daily lives about climate change not only in our parks but the planet too,” said Project Earth student leader Lindsay Buckentine.

“We believe this public art initiative with Project Earth will help to start conversations at a local level about the need to act to save our planet. We are reminded by Climate Poetry in the Parks that it is up to us to heal our planet for the future citizens of Edina,” reads a description from Arts & Culture Commissioners Rebecca Sorensen and Susan Johnson and Student Commissioner Reeya Anand.


City of Edina's Public Art Fund


2022 - Arden Park, Centennial Lakes Park, Utley Park, Yancey Park, Edina High School