Local Option Sales Tax

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Effective April 1, 2023, Edina has a 0.5% sales and use tax. The Minnesota Department of Revenue administers the tax. Revenues will fund capital improvements at Braemar Park and Arena and Fred Richards Park.

Voters approved a sales tax referendum Nov. 8, 2022, that will allow the City to invest $39.3 million in Parks & Recreation improvements. Of that, $8.1 million will go to Braemar Park for the outlined improvements. Another $13.5 million will go to updates at Braemar Arena. $17.7 million is designated for Fred Richards Park to fund the next phases of the master plan. In November 2023, voters amended the sales tax spending plan to allow using another $37.1 million for adding a fourth sheet of indoor ice at Braemar Arena, safety and lobby improvements and additional parking.

The 0.5% sales tax applies to taxable retail sales made within Edina. Local use tax applies when you buy items or services for business or personal use in the local area. Residents and businesses are required to remit the local use tax to the State of Minnesota regardless of where or how the item was purchased. For example, if you buy a taxable item for your business or home from an out-of-state seller who does not charge or collect local sales tax, then you would owe local use tax.

More information on registering, calculating, collecting, reporting and filing the tax can be found on this document (PDF) from the Department of Revenue. Specific questions regarding the local sales and use tax should be directed to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. The State is administering and collecting the local sales and use tax on behalf of the City.

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Visit the Minnesota Department of Revenue website at www.revenue.state.mn.us.