Yard Waste

Yard or Organic Waste

The City does not pick up grass clippings, tree branches or other yard waste. There are no yard waste drop-off sites in Edina. However, there are compost and tree branch disposal drop-off sites in the metro area. Use Hennepin County's Green Disposal Guide to find a list of drop-off sites.

If you have arranged for yard waste service from your garbage hauler, bags of brush and yard waste may be placed at the curb no more than 12 hours prior to collection. Grass and leaves cannot be raked into the street.

Minnesota Bag Requirements

Residents who have made arrangements with their garbage haulers to collect their yard waste or organic waste must use compostable bags - either paper bags or those clearly marked as compostable. 

Compostable bags are distinct from regular plastic bags because they are usually clear or a green-tinted opaque color. Most home improvement, grocery and hardware stores now carry them. Be careful not to purchase biodegradable bags. They are different from compostable bags because they contain plastic.

Exceptions apply! If you do not bag your material and use a yard waste cart from the hauler, then the hauler can dump the unbagged material directly into their collection truck. If your hauler empties the plastic bags before they take the material to the compost facility you may be able to use plastic bags. Check with your hauler.