Tree Protection Ordinance

The City of Edina is committed to protecting well-established and healthy trees in the community and preserving the natural character and beauty provided by the local tree canopy for generations to come. 

The City’s Tree Protection Ordinance helps account for and mitigates the loss of trees and wildlife habitat surrounding tree removal on sites of redevelopment.

Who's Affected?

Homeowners and anyone considering development or redevelopment in Edina.

Important Changes Effective in 2023

  • Requirement that many residential building projects have both a building permit and a tree protection permit.
  • Modification to the designation of trees garnering “protected” status.
  • Addition of “heritage tree” designation.
  • Changes to tree removal and replacement guidelines.
  • Requirement for cash escrow or letter of credit in the amount of 110% of the value of the tree replacement identified in the tree protection plan.
  • Protected or heritage trees of size that are removed during the project or one year before must be replaced with trees in compliance with the requirements of sections 4 and 5 of the Tree Protection Ordinance.

Tree Protection Ordinance

See City Code, Chapter 10, Article III, Division III.


Contractor Registration

Escrow Release

Tree Requirements by Acreage

Amount of required replacement trees, which must be a variety of types and sizes and come from the Hennepin County recommended tree list. This is Table 11 in the Tree Protection Ordinance.

Deciduous (diameter at breast height)Coniferous (height in feet)Lot size under 1 acreLot size 1 acre or larger
3.5 inches or greater8 feet or taller70%50%
4.5 inches or greater10 feet or taller20%25%
5.5 inches or greater12 feet or taller10%25%

Choosing Trees to Plant

The Hennepin County recommended tree list spreadsheet  offers more than 100 options and lists them several factors including by:

  • Scientific and common names
  • USDA Hardiness Zone limits
  • Utility compatibility
  • Height and spread
  • Sun needs
  • Native or not
  • Salt tolerance
  • Pest and disease problems