Road Closures

This page lists planned road closures in Edina. The list includes both City of Edina projects and those by the county, state, and utility companies. It does not include closures related to annual street reconstruction projects. 

If there are no road closures listed on this page, then there are currently no closures we are aware of. In the case of an emergency road closure, it will be added here when possible. 

Find the contact person and agency overseeing a road project by clicking the "Details" link beneath the listing.

Waze Map

This traffic map is powered by Waze and provides real-time updates on accidents, road closures and hazards in Edina as reported by the public. Please note that since the updates on the map are user-generated, they are not verified by the City of Edina. However, the City of Edina reports its extended road closures to Waze.

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  • For general road closure information, we recommend opting in to “Street Closures & Emergency Water Shutoffs" and your neighborhood list.
  • Sign up for information related to a specific street reconstruction project by choosing the list for the project you're interested in.

Street Reconstruction Projects

Road closures as part of street reconstruction projects are not included on this page. Street reconstruction projects have their own dedicated pages on Once on Better Together Edina, you can find them by looking under "Street Projects."