Basic Rules

  • Park hours are 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, vaping, or drugs
  • All pets must be leashed
  • Pick up after your pet
  • No interfering with other people’s enjoyment of the park   


  • Obey all signs in parks.
  • Do not post any sign, placard or notice on any car, building, pole, tree, fence or other object without prior written authorization from the City. This includes temporary signs.


  • Do not pick, cut or damage any flower, plant or tree.
  • Removal of vegetation is forbidden unless approved by park director.
  • Stay out of vegetation areas. Walking on the grass is OK.


In addition to the basic rules:

  • Do not hitch an animal to an object in parks or stake its leash in the ground.
  • Dogs or other animals are banned from certain areas; obey local signs.
  • No feeding wild animals or birds.
  • Please do not disturb wildlife.
  • All forms of hunting, capturing or harassing wildlife are banned. If a wild animal needs to be trapped, the City will hire a licensed person to do so.


  • No fires allowed.


  • Sports or activities must be played in areas designated for that, such as golf on the golf course.  
  • Park users can’t interfere with authorized scheduled programs or activities.
  • Use of any radios, audio players or other sound-emitting devices must not annoy or disturb other park users.
  • No selling of items or services.
  • No person shall physically obstruct or hinder free passage on walkways and paths within the park. 
  • Entertainment or exhibitions must get prior approval from the park director.
  • Parades, rallies, processions or assemblies must get advance written permission from the park director.
  • Commercial photography and filming must get prior approval from the City. 
  • No air guns, slingshots, stone throwing or other possible weapons use unless it is part of a game permitted in writing by the City.
  • Admission or entry fee is required in some city parks or at events.
  • Swimming in the water is forbidden.
  • No mechanical watercraft allowed on any lake, pond or stream unless authorized.
  • No launching or landing hot-air balloons, helicopters or airplanes.
  • Bikes, in-line roller blades, non-motorized scooters allowed in bike path along Promenade and on west side of Centennial Lakes Park from Promenade to 76th street bridge. 


  • All trash or recycling must be placed in the proper container or bin.
  • Trash or recycling placed in park bins must have been generated from park use. No trash from a home or business may be placed into a bin or container at City parks.

Model Boat Rules

  • Boats must not create noise that disturbs park patrons or events
  • Boats must stay clear of wildlife, patrons, paddle boats and other boats
  • Boat operators must always be in full control of their boat
  • No internal combustion engines
  • Speed limit is 15 mph


  • Other laws, such as those regarding vandalism, apply in City parks.
  • No solicitation allowed
  • The park director may adopt other rules and regulations. The park director also may grant an exemption to these rules and regulations in writing on a case-by-case basis.
  • For the full legal listing of park rules, see Edina City Code, Chapter 24, Article VII.