Actions Residents Can Take

Whether you're a renter, new resident or longtime Edina homeowner, simple steps can save you money and time while benefiting the environment we all call home.

Take the Renewable Challenge!

Join the City's commitment to sourcing 100% renewable electricity for municipal operations by subscribing to Xcel Energy's Windsource Program.

This program is open to owners, renters and businesses. If you pay Xcel for electricity, you can sign up.

 In 2023, the City subscribed to 12 million kWh of renewable electricity, and is challenging 1,200 households to match its commitment.

 Subscribe to Windsource today, for as little as $6/month. First-time subscribers will receive a voucher for a free Home Energy Squad visit, valued at $50

Energy Efficiency Steps for Homeowners

  1. Schedule Home Energy Squad Visit
  • Provided by Xcel Energy and coordinated by the Center for Energy and Environment, the Home Energy Squad offers energy-saving opportunities to your home. A two-person team visits and completes tasks such as insulation inspection, test for air leaks, replace inefficient light bulbs, and more!
  • The City of Edina offers a 50% discount on all visits, so your visit is only $50 (normally $100)! For income-qualified households (<$100,000/year) your visit is free! To sign up for your Home Energy Squad and learn more, visit Xcel Energy’s website or call 651-328-6220
  1. Access Edina's Climate Action Fund
  1. Go All Electric
  1. Choose Renewable Energy
  1. Get Utility Bill Support

Steps Renters Can Take

  1. Subscribe to Renewable Energy

  1. Encourage an Energy Audit
  1. Explore Community Climate Action Funding
  1. Recycle
  1. Get Bike Racks Where You Live and Work
  1. Apply for EV Carshare
  1. Plant at a Community Garden

Lawns and Yards

  1. Turf grass lawns
  • Allow grass to grow longer, at least 3 to 4 inches. This creates a stronger root system.
  • Mow less often, every 2 or 3 weeks even in summer. Your lawn will retain water better and be more resilient to drought.
  • When you do mow, put your lawnmower on mulch to leave the glass clippings on the lawn. This recycles nutrients back into the soil.
  • Water deeply less frequently instead of shorter durations daily. This builds better root systems and saves water. 
  • Water only in the early morning, evening or at night. Note that Edina has watering restrictions
  • Avoid mowing damp grass during drought. 
  • If you participate in No Mow May or let your grass grow tall (the legal limit is 12 inches), mow only 1/3 of its blade height at a time when you are returning it to your desired height.

  1. Yard Maintenance
  1. Replacing Lawns or Landscaping
  1. Create Nesting Habitat

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