Green To Go Packaging

The City of Edina is committed to reducing the amount of garbage we contribute to incineration and landfills. The Climate Action Plan has a goal to reduce waste collection from the 54,041 tons collected in 2019 to just 51,000 tons by 2030. Part of that goal includes replacing items that can’t be recycled with versions that can. The Green to Go packaging ordinance is one tool to help our community achieve that.

Who’s Affected 

Businesses that provide take-out food packaging/containers or utensils. This includes restaurants but also organizations providing food or beverages (free or paid) at events that require a permit or license, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Food trucks
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores

Ordinance Highlights

  • Single-use takeout/to-go containers and single-use cups must be compostable or recyclable. Black plastic is not recyclable.
  • Compostable cups and utensils must be BPI certified or ASTM standard certified compostable. Learn more about BPI/ASTM and find certified products at
  • Single-use utensils such as forks, knives, and spoons must be compostable.
  • Single-use straws may only be provided to customers upon request.
  • Restaurants and food establishments which offer single-use products must provide customers with recycling and compost bins in addition to garbage.
  • Read the full ordinance.

Note: The City does not provide curbside organics recycling pickup for businesses. Food establishments must contract for organics recycling with their current waste hauler.

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