Carryout Bag Fee


Beginning July 1, most businesses will charge you 5 cents per carryout bag.

The Climate Action Plan has a goal to reduce waste collection in Edina. Part of that goal includes promoting more environmentally friendly ways to shop. If you bring your own bag when you shop, you help both your wallet by not being charged the carryout bag fee and the planet by not using as many bags!


What businesses will charge for bags?
The ordinance applies to merchants and retailers that sell or provide merchandise, goods or materials in Edina. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • grocery stores
  • clothing and home goods stores
  • convenience stores
  • street vendors
  • sports/entertainment facilities

Are any businesses or bag types exempt from the ordinance?
Food banks, food assistance programs, and licensed food establishments (such as restaurants and food trucks) are exempt from this ordinance. The 5-cent fee does not apply to certain bags such as those for produce, baked goods, prescription drugs or bags brought by a customer.

What does the ordinance require?
The main requirement of the ordinance is that merchants must charge 5 cents per carryout bag provided to customers starting on July 1, 2024. While the City will not collect this revenue, merchants will be required every year to report to the City the number and value of carryout bag fees charged to customers.

Resources for Businesses

Poster and Social Media Graphic

To help ensure customers are aware of the new carryout bag fee, the City has a poster that can be displayed in your business and a social media graphic you can use.

Technical Assistance and Grants

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