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  1. Organics, Recycling Pickup Schedules Change Due to Holidays

    The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays will affect pickup schedules for recycling and organics recycling in Edina. Read on...
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Edina residents are required to separate recycling from garbage. Grass clippings, leaves, tree branches and other yard waste are not allowed in garbage or organics recycling.

  • Garbage: Edina residents must contract with a licensed garbage hauler for service. 
  • Recycling: Edina has single -sort recycling. All recyclables go in your blue bin. The City contracts with Republic Services to pick up recycling.
  • Organics recycling: Edina has curbside pickup service for all single-family homes and is assisting apartment and condominium dwellers in adding the service to their residences. The City contracts with Vierkant Disposal for this service.
  • Yard waste: Pickup can be arranged through your garbage hauler or taken to a drop-off site in the metro area.

Pickup Schedules

Garbage: Picked up on schedule you've contracted with hauler.
Organics recycling: Picked up weekly on same day as garbage. 
Recycling: Picked up every other week on garbage day. Depending on your address, you have been assigned a blue or gray week. 

  • Interactive Online Map - Click your home area or enter your address to see your assigned week, pickup day and calendar for recycling and organics recycling.
  • PDF Map - Map shows which areas are blue or gray. You will then need to view or download the correct calendar below.

2023 Schedules

Garbage day note: For a rare few Edina residents, the hauler picks up trash on a different day than the recycling and organics pickup schedule. If your organics/recycling isn't being picked up on same day as your trash, contact your hauler for schedule clarification.


  • Contact garbage haulers for their fees and payments.
  • Organics recycling and recycling fees are already included in your quarterly utility bills.

Saving Money

The best way to reduce your garbage and recycling costs is to reduce your overall waste. In addition, actively recycling your organics, such as food waste, can reduce your needs for garbage service, cutting costs.

Climate Action Plan Goals

The amount of of garbage, recycling and organics recycling in Hennepin County equaled 5.6 pounds per person per day as of 2019.

The City of Edina has a goal to reduce garbage collection from the 54,041 tons collected in 2019 to just 51,000 tons by 2030. Part of that goal includes increasing both recycling and organics recycling.