Waste Reduction

Zero Waste Challenge

Hennepin County’s Zero Waste Challenge will help you learn more, connect you with resources to help you reach your goals, and provide support and motivation along the way. Learn more at https://www.hennepin.us/zerowastechallenge.

Recycle Everywhere

Hennepin County residents, businesses and organizations create enough waste each year to fill Target Field 11 times, but only 38% of that waste is recycled. There are many ways to make recycling easier, and you can now recycle more of what you buy, including plastic cups and containers (like cottage cheese containers, yogurt cups and party cups) as well as milk, juice and broth cartons.

Close the Recycling Gap

About half your home's recyclables never make it to the recycling bin. To recycle all you can, recycle everywhere you can.

Recycle in Every Room

We do well recycling kitchen items, but our bathrooms, laundry rooms and home offices have lots of recyclables we throw out

Expand Your Recycling Habit

Use convenient recycling bins and signage, and mix in a little education and fun. 

Choose to Reuse

By donating your used clothing and household items and shopping at local reuse retailers, you can save money, get great stuff, and support local businesses, all while reducing your environmental footprint. Hennepin County's Choose to Reuse directory can help you find the perfect reuse opportunity - just visit the directory and search by item, location or retailer type (such as "donation," "used" or "repair"). Looking for reuse opportunities on the go? No problem! Just visit the site on your mobile device for a mobile-optimized version.