The City does not operate trash pickup services. Residents must contact and privately contract with one of the following six licensed haulers for garbage pickup. 

Licensed Garbage Haulers in Edina

Garbage Container Rules

  • Set out by the curb by 7 a.m. on pickup day
  • Garbage containers cannot be taken to curb more than 12 hours before collection or left there for more than 12 hours after collection. 
  • After collection, containers must be kept within 5 feet of a home or garage. (City Code Section 20-126)
  • Hazardous waste, such as paint and fluorescent light bulbs, is not allowed in garbage. See the disposal guide for how to handle these.

Missed Pickups

  • Please contact your hauler directly.

Garbage Hauler License Information

All garbage haulers serving the City must be licensed by Edina.

For questions, contact 952-826-0370.