Human Resources

Edina Offers a Variety of Job Opportunities

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The Human Resources Department is dedicated to partnering and supporting each City department and its employees to recruit, develop, reward and retain top talent to meet with the ever-changing needs of the City.

Engagement Survey Results

We believe that the City of Edina is a great place to work, and our most recent Employee Engagement Survey (2022), taken by full-time and regular part-time employees (working 20+ hours/week), suggests our employees agree:

  • 90% say that they enjoy working with the people on their team
  • 88% say that they have the tools and resources they need to do their job well
  • 86% say they have the freedom to choose how to best perform their job
  • 84% say that their supervisor supports their efforts to develop and grow

Organization Structure

The city employs approximately 330 full-time employees, several hundred part-time and seasonal employees, and is divided into the following departments:

Learn more by viewing the City Organization Chart (PDF).


Our work is defined by our values: Integrity, Quality, and Service, the Edina IQS (PDF). These values represent our commitment to our residents, customers, and each other in terms of how we will go about our work.